Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Album Review: Digital Spaces EP by Let's Get It

New pop punk group, Let’s Get It, recently released their new Digital Spaces EP last month. I admit it took me a while to get to it simply because I was weeding through all the other bad pop-punk albums that came my way recently. This genre they are in, pop-punk, is so flooded with run of the mill or generic Fall Out Boy clones that it is often off putting to me. It makes me pessimistic of this genre in terms of being able to evolve beyond what I have heard thus far. Let’s Get It shows me that this genre is not going anywhere and new sounds will come to pop punk.

Although short on content, Digital Spaces is a great sampling of what a future Let’s Get It album could sound like. Although they do use plenty of the token synthesizers, samples and voice encoders in their songs, they have something special other bands don't have. What sets them apart from other bands is Joe, their lead singer. He will unfairly stand out to many as he is the only African American member. What makes him stand out for me and what people should pay attention to is his voice. He could sing anything he wanted…pop, R&B, whatever.
Despite the cheesy title, “Duck, Duck, Grey Goose” shows off Joe’s vocal range and R&B sensibilities while still keeping it pop-punk. The mere mention of the popular vodka is very hip hop cliché though. If you can’t forgive that, then listen to “Ciroc & Roll”. It takes a page out of the Fall Out Boy pop-punk book with its group sing along in the chorus. Still, I still can’t help but like it. Joe can sing. “Shoot For Teams” is another good, high energy track that the scene kids will enjoy. Again, I attribute it all to young Joe’s voice. That boy is crunk and he will carry this band into greater success if they stick with the same musical formula applied to Digital Spaces.

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