Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Night Show Pick: The Boxing Lesson at Mohawk

Tonight at Mohawk, three cool bands will be taking the stage. Austin's own The Boxing Lesson will be playing with Sian Alice Group and My Education. Mohawk is one of my favorite venues in town, but inside can get a little crowded sometimes. Damn those noise ordinances!

I have not seen My Education live yet, as I only recently got a hold of some of their music. They seem cool, but definitely a band I have to be in the mood for. I feel the same about The Boxing Lesson, although I admit they have gotten better since I first started seeing them live. They have definitely grown on me and I look forward to new recordings coming up from them in the near future.

Sian Alice group is the headliner, as well they should be as they are the touring act coming all the way from The U.K. I have some of their songs on file and dig their sound when I'm writing late at night or just wanting to hear something calm in the background. Their sort of art-indie rock is just soothing at times. I'm looking forward to checking them out live.

I posted some links for you to give a listen to and educate yourself. You could just take my word for it...and I wouldn't blame you. Mohawk is where you want to be tonight.

Sian Alice Group(photo by Ben Rayner)

The Boxing Lesson (photo by Manuel Nauta)

My Education (photo by Farley Bookout)

Check out this great song from Sian Alice Group for their song, "Close To The Ground". You can find more specific show info here at Do512.

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Chris said...

My Education Rocks!!!