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Album Review: The Boy Who Never by Landon Pigg

Many of you may not know Landon Pigg by name, but you have probably heard his song “Falling In Love At  a Coffee Shop” on AT&T commercials. If you went to the movie theaters to see Whip It, you may recognize his face. Now it is time you get to know Landon Pigg the musician, not the actor or commercial jingle singer. His new album, The Boy Who Never, might just make you forget he acts.

Many of you will purchase The Boy Who Never just because of “Falling In Love At a Coffee Shop”. It’s a soft, poetic love song made for chick flicks, Myspace profile songs and of course commercials. Many know it as the AT& T song, and that is the only thing not to love about it. Pigg’s high pitched vocal stylings take you in; while the cello provides the perfect romantic backdrop Pigg needs to compliment his acoustic guitar. Occasionally the piano drizzle a few notes which really complete the song. At this point, it is already a timeless classic.

As for the rest of The Boy Who Will Never, it is not worthy of the same high praise.  For an album to generate interest based on a near perfect song set the bar high for Pigg. I didn’t expect more hits like “Coffee Shop”.  There are a few good pop songs that people will love, but only Pigg’s hardcore fans will remember them.  It’s a shame really, because Pigg is a talented artist.

“Take A Chance” is good pop song that sounds like something you’d hear by The Fray on a Top 40 radio station. With indie guitar sounds (spacey notes, crunchy guitar) and heavy bass line, it is a song that even pretentious hipster audiences would love. It is a more up tempo love song about letting that special someone in and “taking that chance” on a relationship.

Landon Pigg

For those looking for more great ballads from Pigg, “Look So Tired” should give you your fix. Other noteworthy tracks include the brass accompanied “A Ghost” and the folksy “Made For Glory”. Pigg is totally capable of making great pop songs that don’t’ sound like the slow ballads he is best known for. He already proved that to me when he released his This is a Pigg EP.

Landon Pigg is a talented artist who should remain a mainstay in music world and specifically in the Top 40 realm. For those not yet familiar with Pigg, think of him as the love child of James Blunt and The Fray. That’s how he sounds to me. I’d love to see him take high singing voice to a track that rocks a little harder to see how that would sound. Continue to expect big things from Pigg in the future.

Checkout the video for “Falling In Love In a Coffeeshop” off of Landon Pigg’s album, The Boy Who Will Never:

"Coffee Shop" music video for Landon Pigg from Kip Kubin on Vimeo.

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