Sunday, October 18, 2009

Exclusive Live Performance of Nortec Collective in Austin

Bostitch y Fussible (photo by Mari Hernandez)

On September 25th, the Tijuana Sound Machine known as Nortec Collective came to Austin and gave a killer performance at The Hogg Memorial Auditorium. I wasn't there as I was covering another show, but my crew from Austin Vida were there. For the Nortec show, Austin Vida teamed up again with our friends from Blastro to bring you two cool new videos from the show. The one I posted below is the best live video ever captured of Nortec Collective. The sound is amazing and the show visually mind blowing. As jealous as I am that I didn't get to attend, this video puts me there. My hat is off to Blastro and Nacional Records on this one. Did I mention an interview? That's right! My girl Christina Garcia sat down with Bostitch and Fussible of Nortec for a NRP-PBS style video interview. They even let her play with the Tenori. I'm jealous again there.

Here's the live video! This ain't a YouTube clip folks. It's twenty minutes of Puro Chido:

Nortec Collective Presents Tijuana Sound Machine: Bostich & Fussible - Exclusive Live Performance

Since you can't get enough Nortec Collective, check out our Austin Vida video interview here on Austin Vida

Video Interview on Austin Vida

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