Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Sword added to Fun Fun Fun Fest Line Up

The Sword

 Today through the magic of Facebook, I learned that the world's greatest young metal band was added to this year's Fun Fun Fun Fest Line up. That's right....Austin's own rock Gods, The Sword, will take the stage on Saturday at the black stage. Check out the Fun Fun Fun Fest website for what that means exactly.

The addition of The Sword really solidified this year's festival for me, and not just because I am the biggest fan boy on the planet. I always look forward to Fun Fun Fun Fest as it the Red River rat mecca of festivals, but this year it was missing a little something in comparison to last year. When I saw Bad Brains (even though it sucked), All, Dead Milkmen and Brownout, it kicked total ass. Even with Danzig and Jesus Lizard as the headliners, I felt Fun Fun Fun was missing a metal piece. Not anymore...good move Transmission.

For those of you who like metal and want to see the next up and coming band, be sure to check out Pack of Wolves. I have seen the guys from The Sword at some of their shows if that tells you anything. They are at where The Sword were like maybe five years ago. The first time I saw The Sword was at Room 710,may you rest in piece. Then I saw them at Emo's, then Stubb's as they embarrassed headliner Clutch. I have all the respect in the world for Clutch, but you can't play after The Sword in Austin.Only Metallica can do that, and they have as The Sword was their opener on a good leg of their world tour this year.

In case you don't have a pulse or are just plain lame, let me briefly introduce you to the world's greatest metal band and the best thing to come out of Austin since EVER. This is the video for "Maiden, Mother & Crone" off their latest album, "Gods Of The Earth":

For more info on Fun Fun Fun Fest, visit the following links:

Fun Fun Fun Fest Website

Fun Fun Fun Fest Myspace

Fun Fun Fun Fest Twitter

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Aaron Robert Hall said...

Yeah I was all super stoked yesterday when I found out that The Sword was going to be playing FFF Fest. Now between them and Pack of Wolves, I will surely be suffering from metal neck and be dealing with a bang over the next couple days after. It will all be worth it though. The Sword tore down the Mohawk recently and still remains the best show of the year for me.

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