Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Look Back at Mayhem Fest 2009

Slayer's Kerry King

This summer my good friend Ajay Miranda and I went to San Antonio to check out Mayhem Fest. We had to go to San Antonio as it does not stop in Austin unfortunately. Mayhem was also Ajay's first real metal experience outside filming local metal bad asses, Pack of Wolves in March. We were there for Double Stereo with press passes and got to be up close and personal, right at the front of the stage in the photo pits. The only artist that couldn't be filmed was Marilyn Manson. No big deal, I was there for Slayer and the other great bands. Manson was quite the live show though. I will say that.

Slayer's Tom Araya

It was a dream come true for me as I finally got to see Slayer for the first time and be right up front against the stage. It was the closest you could could get without actually being in the band on stage. The AT&T center was packed as I looked behind me and saw a sea of people. The upper level seats were full as well. They performed all their classics, stuff from the early records and later stuff.

Black Dahlia Murder

The best part of the day during Mayhem was getting to check out some of the lesser known bands coming up in the metal world. It was really cool for me as we don't often get these type of metal shows in Austin like Dallas or San Antonio do. Austin is getting better about it lately, but metal still gets put to the back burner behind indie, modern rock and other genres. I'll do my best to be part of the solution and change that.

Cannibal Corpse lead singer George Fisher

Some bands I got to see for the first time included Cannibal Corpse, All That Remains and my favorite of the day part of Mayhem Fest, Black Dahlia Murder. I got an interview with new guitarist, Ryan Knight and just launched it. Surf through my blog or check out Double Stereo to check that out.

All in all, it was one of the best memories of my summer and my life. I rocked with Slayer and can die happy now. I can't wait until next year's Mayhem Fest to see what Kevin Lyman pulls off. In case you were one of the unfortunate ones who didn't catch Mayhem this year, check out this amazing promotional montage Ajay shot and edited for Double Stereo.

Watch in high quality here on Vimeo.

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