Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday Night Show Pick: Wye Oak at Emo's

Wye Oak (photo by Dan Stack)

Tonight begins the first round of ACL Aftershows. Most of the time you'll see only the headliners in the fliers and media listings around town. That's too bad really, because some of the openers will be some of the best bands you may ever see. Take for instance tonight at Emo's where headliner The Walkman and even co-headliner Blitzen Trapper are listed all over the place in huge lettering or pictured. The real gem for me on tonight's show is Baltimore indie group, Wye Oak. They open for The Walkman tonight as part of an official ACL Aftershow. Indie-folk lovers, hipsters, wannabes and music bloggers will all love Wye Oak.

Wye Oak is comprised of childhood besties, Andy jack and Jenn Wasner. Wye Oak are on Merge Records, home to heavy hitters M. Ward and Lou Barlow. The first album I picked up on from them was 2008's If Children. I remember hearing a song or two from that album on one of the KUT or NPR programs I listen to regularly. I loved their music instantly as I have an affinity for spacey guitar notes, ambient indie and female indie vocalists.

Early reviews of If Children brought many comparisons to the group, Ya Lo Tengo. I'd have to agree, only Wye oak has female vocals. Not all the songs on If Children were to my liking, but I kept "Please Concrete" and "Family Glue". This year, Wye Oak released The Knot on Merge Records. A much better albumin comparison to If Children, The Knot It is everything that was wrong or dull about the rest of If Children done right. There's more feedback, violin, great vocals, pedal steel and a hint of psychedelic. The Knot has also received great reviews and is sure to be another taste maker favorite.

As I mentioned before, Wye Oak opens for Blitzen Trapper and The Walkmen tonight at Emo's. For you out of towners, Emo's is on 603 Red River, where it meets or intersects with 6th Street. There are two entrances to Emo's, an outside stage entrance and an inside stage entrance. Wye Oak play the outside stage. Get there at 9:00. Tickets are $22 advance plus any fees. If you're looking to head out tomorrow night but are not sure where to go with all the great shows happening all over town, head to Emo's outside stage.

Here is the video for the first song I ever heard from Wye Oak off their If Children album. It's called "Please Concrete". Be sure to check out the links below for event info and Wye Oak links.

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