Monday, October 12, 2009

Tuesday Night Show Pick: Brandon's Birthday at Momo's

This Tuesday night, October 13th, it all goes down at Momo's. World Music Night is also promoter Brandon Badillo's Birthday party. Badillo is the owner and driving force behind his Bemba Entertainment Company. Badillo turns thirty, which we all know is the new twenty. Most known for his Souled Out shows at The Victory Grill and Xemumba Fest, Badillo is making quite the name for himself with World Music Night at Momo's on Tuedays nights. Last month(also coming up in November) Charanga Cakewalk was the main draw every Tuesday.

One of my favorite local Latin groups is playing Badillo's birthday bash, La Guerrilla. A great Latin fusion band, La Guerrilla is the next new thing in the local scene. With a new album on the way and more local notoriety, they are well on their way for a big 2010. Check out La Guerrilla live here on this clip Austin Vida shot at Mohawk this summer.

Austin Vida Live: La Guerrilla from Austin Vida on Vimeo.

There are many other great bands on the line up for Tuesday. For more info on the show, checkout the post on Do512 here for more details.Get there early though, as the show starts at 7:30 and is free...but do make a donation as those are welcomed.

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