Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Night Show Pick: Trivium, White Chapel & Darkest Hour at Emo's

Typically Austinites have to wait for No Control on Friday nights to get this much metal in one night. Local promoters DAG Presents is bringing a kick ass metal show featuring heavy hitters Trivium, Dirge Within, White Chapel, and Darkest Hour. Make sure to put on your best black t-shirt and call in Wednesday morning. Metal heads will not want to miss this.

Darkest Hour

Although Trivium may be the main attraction and headliner, I am more excited about checking out Darkest Hour. I missed them during SXSW this year and have been eagerly awaiting their return to Austin. I figured if they did tour Texas after SXSW, they'd hit up San Antonio at the very least. Austin, although it has been a little better this year, isn't the metal haven San Antonio or Dallas are. When it comes to metal touring acts, Austin gets skipped over a lot. Hopefully that nonsense stops sooner than later. As I see more hardcore shows pop up online, the more I see that starting to change little by little.

 Darkest Hour is touring to support their current album The Eternal Return.Categorized by most as a melodic death metal band, Darkest Hour is no Johhny Come Lately. With five albums in their catalog, there seems to be no slowing down anytime soon for Darkest Hour. The Eternal Return is my favorite album of theirs as they sound more polished, faster and even darker than on previous albums. As far as good older material from Darkest Hour, check out Deliver Us as well. That album was almost what The Eternal Return is, but not quite. If you haven't checked them out yet, then you're clearly not into metal.

Something else cool about tonight' show for Trivium fans especially is with each purchased ticket, you will be able to download a full soundboard quality recording of Trivium live from the show. All one has to do is use the ticket barcode on Trivium's website to redeem it. I only wish they'd let us download a full live album. Still, not a bad give away for a show you'd be buying a ticket for anyway. Doors are at 6:30, so get there early.

I have posted some helpful links about the groups and about tonight's show specifically. Also, check out this video of Darkest Hour performing at Red 7 during SXSW this past March. They're performing "Doomsayer" off their album Deliver Us.

SXSW#9: Darkest Hour-Doomsayer from Denman C Anderson on Vimeo.

Helpful Links:

Trivium Myspace

White Chapel Myspace

Dirge Within Myspace

Purchase Tickets Here

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Aaron Robert Hall said...

Yes! Darkest Hour shreds! I too am surprised that San Antonio didn't get this show and am hoping for more great acts to come through this fine city. Your quote "If you haven't checked them out yet, then you're clearly not into metal" totally made me grin, awesome.

Ian Morales said...

Thanks Aaron. I appreciate you co-signing Darkest Hour. I already had a couple of my friends bust my chops for not focusing on White Chapel or Trivium this morning.

Winslowleach said...

Hey, thanks for using my vid. Best of luck with the blog. Too bad you don't live here in DC. Everyone knows Mike and John.