Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday Night Show Pick: Born To Lose at Red 7 w/Capital Scam

Born To Lose is one of my all time favorite punk bands. It is still hard to believe as good as they are that I still get to see them at Red 7 on Wednesday. Their sound is so gutter, raw but yet polished, and worthy of a mid to high level Warped Tour stage. I have been to many a Warped Tours and three fourths of the bands there don't hold a candle to Born To Lose. I even saw Born To Lose play Warped a few years ago in front of a small but satisfied crowd. Seeing them live is like reliving my early twenties all over again.

They have been a Red River staple for years now. The reason you only see their name in show listings every so often if that much of their time is spent kicking ass and taking names in Europe, a much better place for punk bands from what I hear. Everyone who loves punk that I have shared their music with has always become a big fan. When they played at Emo's this summer with Gallows, the crowd loved them. People saw me singing along to the words during the whole show, which prompted them to approach me after and ask questions about them. "Who are these guys again?" "Are they local?" "Can you send me some MP3s?"

Born To Lose

Their current album, Saints Gone Wrong, is in regular rotation in my truck's CD player. People new to Born To Lose need to pick that up first as it is their best. If you really want to get into Born To Lose, pick up Blessed Days. The recording and sound quality isn't as good as on Saints Gone Wrong, but the songs are phenomenal. In fact my favorite Born To Lose song is on Blesses Days, a song called "Borrowed Time".

Tonight Born To Lose takes the stage with any great local punk band called Capital Scam. I have seen these guys around, I believe most recently at The Broken Neck skate park. Tonight's show is also serving as Capital Scam's tour kick off show. Expect nothing but their A-game as always. I suggest arriving at Red 7 around 9:00. Red 7 is located on 611 E. 7th, right off I-35 and adjacent to the uber hipster Beauty Bar. I couldn't find anything that mentioned the cover charge, but it can't be more than ten dollars.

For some punk rock goodness or to check out Born To Lose for the first time, take a look and listen to this video for "Saints Gone Wrong".

For more info about tonight's show and the bands, visit the following links:

Capital Scam Myspace

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