Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Pick: T-Bird & The Breaks at Momo's

With all your relatives in town, or if you're visiting from out of town, you are going to want to get out of the house. You'll either want to A) get the hell away from the them until it is time for them to leave back to the crap city that they came from or B) go out and show the family you love a good time in Austin, Texas. Even on holidays such as Thanksgiving, there are plenty of good live shows to choose from. How do you choose from so many? I'll make it easy on you.

My Thanksgiving pick is for one of my favorite local groups, T Bird and The Breaks. I first saw these guys at the 2008 Sound & The Jury contest at Antone's. In fact, they were who I would have chosen as the winner even though I wasn't there to see them that night. This ten piece soul group is a throwback to time when music was good. They are a throwback to the blue eyed soul your parents grew up listening to on vinyl. With a brass section, three female back up singers and one funky ass white boy singing lead, they can do no wrong. They kind of remind me of this group from one of my favorite '90s movies, The Commitments. Anyone else remember that one? With the those cool Irish dudes?

After stuffing your big ass with turkey all day and watching the Cowboys barely beat the Raiders, you will need to work off everything you ate. There is no better way to do that then heading down to Momo's Thursday night on 618 W. 6th St. You'll see it right by Katz's Deli for those of you who may need a land mark to reference. Also playing at Momo's Thursday will be Brett Randell at 8:00pm and Blues Mafia at 10:00pm. T Bird and The Breaks go on at midnight. By then you should be tipsy or stupid drunk, so T Bird will sound even better than they all ready do. I'm telling you, they are a great party band even your momma will like. Check out their latest single here and listen for yourself:

<a href="">Monkey Wrench by T Bird and the Breaks</a>

For more on T Bird and The Breaks, visit the following links:

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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