Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's a Mohawk Weekend: J. Tillman and Cursive

Fleet Foxes drummer, J. Tillman, is coming through Austin Friday night to do his solo thing at The Mohawk. The interest in Tillman is obviously The Fleet Foxes connection, but he has actually had solo stuff before joining Fleet Foxes. He music is more along the lines of indie singer-songwriter with a bluesy touch. It's definitely not something I could listen to while in traffic, but definitely when relaxing at home. His Year in the Kingdom album is a must have for not only Fleet Foxes fans, but anyone who loves good indie-folk stuff. Other than maybe A.A. Bondy, it is my favorite indie-folk album released this year.

Saturday at Mohawk marks the return one of my favorite bands of all time, Cursive, back to Austin. They haven't been here since SXSW in March. I wasn't sure they would make it back around this way, but they're coming Saturday. Their latest record, Mama I'm Swollen, is their best since The Ugly Organ. I reviewed it earlier in the year for Double Stereo, and don't have anything negative to say about it. That review turned several of my friend into Cursive fans, and they were people who I wouldn't have guessed would be into it. It just goes to show good music is good music, and that is all that matters sometimes.

Opening for Cursive is their touring mate, Capgun Coup. I know little of the band, but look forward to checking them out after listening to some of their music. It's like indie meets surf rock or garage. Speaking of listening to music, check out the latest video from Cursive. It's for their song "Let Me Up" off their current album, Mama I'm Swollen.

Let Me Up from Cursive on Vimeo.

For ticket info or to purchase advance tickets, click the following link:

Mohawk Austin website

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