Sunday, December 20, 2009

12/21 Monday Night Show Pick: The Octopus Project

Monday night at Mohawk is where you can go take pictures for Look At This Fucking Hispter. If you haven't seen that blog, check my blog roll...hilarious. At Mohawk this Monday night will be a bunch of hipster bands of the moment, or what my friends and I refer to as "blogger bands". It seems that all the Austin Bloggers talk about and post fliers for Neiliyo and Markus pretty regularly, but the real gem and reason to get out of the house Monday is to see The Octopus Project.

In the past few years they were the quintessential festival band it seemed, having played Fun Fun Fun Fest, ACL and even Lalapollooza. The Octopus Project is arguably Austin's most musically creative indie group. Most of their music is instrumental, but all very danceable. Think "Blue Stage" at Fun Fun Fun Fest.

What is most memorable about the group is their front woman, Yvonne Lambert, is the the world's prettiest theremin player. She is the indie crush of just about all the sensitive indie boys in attendance, while making the girls consider getting their own classic flipped-up bob haircut. For me though, it's the theremin I find most fascinating about this band. If I had one of those, I'd never leave the house except to go see shows. Oh wait, that's what I do without the theremin.

I'm pretty sure they will playing some songs off their latest EP, Golden Beds. Maybe you'll even hear this song here, which also happens to be called "Golden Beds". For some real Octopus Project goodness, pick up the 2007 release, Hello Avalanche. If you've never seen them live, Mohawk is a a great place to see them.  

Wet Gold - The Octopus Project from Zellner Bros. on Vimeo.

For complete details and to see the full line up, check out the post on Do512 here

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Don’t Devalue Your Music! said...

hey , wanted to be there but it would be very difficult to make it to this place. but I am a great fan of Yvonne Lambert. anyways will try my best to make it possible.