Tuesday, December 22, 2009

12/22 Tuesday Show Pick: Horse The Band and Zlam Dunk at Emo's

If you've never seen Horse The Band live, you're clearly afraid of intense shows and kids going absolutely ape shit. The L.A. based electro-prog screamo outfit is something else. To compare them to someone local or familiar, imagine Built By Snow and Zlam Dunk having a child who is constantly on Red Bull and won't sit still. Their Nintendo samples and "fuck the system" attitudes are a definite ear turner. I've read some write ups where they've been described as "Nintendocore". There are no casual fans of Horse The Band, which is one reason I love them.

What can get lost in the whole insanity that is their live show is the fact that they are creative dudes. They took a genre that tends to have cookie cutter crap bands and found a way to be original. Horse The Band is something I'd listen to regularly, but I'd go see them live any day. Fair warning to anyone who hasn't seen them live before, they do often play in their tighties.

Horse The Band

Currently Horse The Band is touring to support their October release, Desperate Living. It is very "Nintendocore" and falls in line with something Fall of Troy or Attack Attack would have made, only with their own distinct sound. You need to give it a listen, even if just to satisfy your curiosity about "Nintendocore". While you're listening to the songs on their MySpace, read the part in their bio about labels and what they think of tour managers. Hilarious.

Zlam Dunk (photo by Sara Strick

Also playing at Emo's Tuesday is one of my local favorite, Zlam Dunk. These young dudes from San Marcos are bringing the dance back punk to the forefront of the Austin scene. They haven't been around long, but they've been around long enough to make some noise. Having made their name playing along side other young bands like Driver F, Zlam has developed a loyal fan base. They're so loyal in fact, that they travel to every show and constantly scream and chant along. See them on Tuesday as an added bonus. They leave to go on tour soon, so catch them at Emo's if you can. In fact, catch them on this video my good friend Ajay Miranda shot in fall of 2008. They kick azz.

To check out the complete line up and purchase tickets, visit the post for this show on Do512 HERE.

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