Saturday, December 5, 2009

12/6 Sunday Night Show Pick: Deluka at Republic Live

Thanks to the power of publicists and emailing, I got word last minute of a cool show happening at Republic Live, located on 301 W. 5th Street. Touring the U.S. all the way from Birmingham, West Midlands England is indie-electro pop group, Deluka. I get email blasts all the time now and have to pass on all sorts of cool stuff due to time, not interest. It is also rare I go out on a Sunday night, but I think I may venture out to catch these guys. Plus, I have never been to Republic Live. I have always passed by it and figured it was another douche bag Warehouse District type bar, bottle service and all. Maybe it is; I'll find out I guess. I hope this doesn't mean I have to go get something from Ed Hardy to fit in.

Deluka is one of those European bands I got wind of on NME, one of my favorite music sites from Europe other than Last FM. The first thing you'll notice is the foxy lead singer, Ellie Innocenti. I doubt that's her actual last name, but whatever. Her name sounds almost as hot as her voice. Her voice combined with the band's '80s retro sound reminds me of bands like The Start or even the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It's hard for me to think of who I can compare them with so that casual music fans can grasp.

The band is touring to support their current self titled EP, a quick five song mix of electro goodness indie girls like to dance to. Since I'm at a lack for words in terms of description, I've posted a Tunecore widget that has the songs from their EP. This way, you can listen and draw your own conclusions or comparisons. Listening to their music does make me miss '80s new wave.

For more information on Deluke and the show Sunday night, visit the following links:

Deluka on MySpace

Deluka official website

Republic Live on MySpace

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