Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Album Review: 'Live In Louisville' by Carrie Rodriguez

Anything and everything you read online about Austin singer-songwriter and violinist Carrie Rodriguez has the label “Americana” all over it. If there was such a genre called “post-Americana”, I think Carrie Rodriguez would be the poster child. In fact, she may have even invented the genre without meaning to or knowing it. For those non-music geeks, the label “post” usually refers to indie rock that is darker, has crunchy guitar riffs and typically lots of angst.

I didn’t really get that impression when I came across the first album I owned from Rodriguez, She Ain’t Me, about a year ago.  I started to hear hints of the darker “post” sound when I went back and bought 2006’s Seven Angels on a Bicycle. On that album it seemed she experimented a little less and stuck to one sound. It is the album I prefer out of the two.

Read the full review on Austin Vida here:

Carrie Rodriguez Review

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