Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Some Vinyl Goodness from Bloodshot Records

Anyone who has read my bios online anywhere or knows me personally knows that I am a vinyl record collector. I'm not nearly at the level John Cusack's character in High Fidelity was, but not far from it. As much as I sincerely love the digital era of music we are currently in, I still think there is no better way to listen to an album than on vinyl. The sound can't be duplicated and the TLC you give a vinyl is unlike the care most people give to their significant others. When you buy a new vinyl record, you know it is delicate and fragile. You know any bend, ever so so slight, can ruin the listening experience.

Nowadays, vinyl costs a little more than it used to when vinyl and cassettes were the norm, even before CDs. The last vinyl I bought from a record store cost me around thirty dollars. That should tell you two things: 1) I really wanted that album on vinyl and 2) the whole album was worth purchasing versus just a few good singles. I think this is the mindset of most nerdy vinyl collectors out there. We want good albums on vinyl and are willing to purchase them legally.  

Well now my passion for vinyl has lead me to suggest some cool new releases for collectors or beginning collectors to pick up. Sure you can go to Goodwill, Half Priced Books or even Ebay, but most of the time you won't have to even do that. Records companies and artists are releasing older albums on special remastered reissues all the time. Local record stores and even Best Buy carry a good amount of vinyl old an new. Most, if not all, even come with a digital download card of some sort so you can have still have the legit mp3s for your iPod. With that being said, here is an amazing addition to your collection. 

Bloodshot Records, the once home to Ryan Adams and even Neko Case, have released two great vinyl gems from their archives in one record. It all goes in conjunction with their 15th anniversary. They released a remastered collection of music from The Old 97s. Their classic album, and arguably their best in my opinion, Wreck Your Life… and Then Some: The Complete Bloodshot Recordings came out on vinyl at the end of last month. It was originally released in 1995. There were only a thousand copies of this limited edition stamped, so it may be hard to find at this point. It is a four sided collection that includes classics like"Doreen", "Victoria" and "Big Brown Eyes". The rest of the songs are made up of their other album from Bloodshot Records, Early Tracks. You get all that for around $25-$30 in remastered quality. That my friends, is why you pick up this special edition vinyl. Here is the full track listing for you as well:

1. Victoria
2. The Other Shoe
3. Doreen
4. You Belong To My Heart
5. Dressing Room Wallks
6. My Sweet Blue-Eyed Darlin
7. Big Brown Eyes
8. Bel Air
9. Old Familiar Steam
10. Over The Cliff
11. Goin , Goin , Gone
12. W-I-F-E
13. Ray Charles
14. Cryin Drunk
15. Harold s Super Service
16. Sound of Running
17. Cryin But My Tears Are Far Away
18. Por Favor
19. W-I-F-E
20. Eyes For You
21. Let The Train Blow the Whistle
22. Making Love With You
23. I d Be Lonesome

You can purchase this great rerelease directly from Bloodshot Records at the following link:

Bloodshot Records Store

Visit the official Old 97s website here:

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