Friday, January 1, 2010

1/2/10 Saturday Free Week Pick: The Lions and Ghostknife

I hope you guys got to check out Amplified Heat at Emo's Friday Night. If you were at Beerland, I hope you saw Sober Daze, a crazy ass punk rock band I've been following for a few years now. Well if you are like me and took the day to recover and rest Friday, then Free Week starts for you on Saturday night. For those of you in clouds or from out of town, Free Week is where the best venues on and around Red River waive the cover charge. It's like five bucks or so if you are 18+, but still a great deal none the less. It goes from January 1st through the 10th. I'll pick the best of the best of stuff to check out that may not be on the average readers' radar. Let the Free Week picks begin....

Get downtown early at Emo's to check out Mike Wiebe of The Riverboat Gamblers and his side project, Ghost Knife. I saw them open for Mike Herrera's Tumbledown this past fall and they sounded good. They aren't as punk-ish as The Riverboat Gamblers, but in the same realm of taste for fans. Think post rock and indie with a slight hint of hardcore. Weibe has a great rock voice, so you already know they are good. You won't be able to find them on MySpace or online anywhere that I know of. When I last spoke with Mike maybe a couple of weeks ago, he was showing me his stitches in his left hand and telling me about Ghost Knife. He told me he hadn't made anything for it yet as far as online stuff. So, you have get to Emo's early as Ghost Knife opens.

The Lions (photo by Katrina Hercules)

After Ghost Knife finishes, I'm heading over to Mohawk on 10th and Red River to see one of my favorite local rock groups, The Lions. They're kind of a '70s throwback to the time when psychedelic, cock-rock was king. I've heard older folks call it "camaro-rock". Either way, it's bad ass. I am listening to their album, My Generation, as we speak. Some of you may have even played one of their songs on Guitar Hero called "Heavy Metal Lady". That song doesn't appear on My Generation, but it still rocks. Check out this clip.

Playing before The Lions are local rock bands Vinhomudeh and Eagle Claw. Don't let any kind of cold weather keep you home. Mohawk has those tall space heaters and the wall around the outside stage blocks the wind pretty good. Also, it's Free! Free! Free! So get there and support good local live music. For more Free Week selections, check in again with soon. I'm always available by email for questions and/or suggestions.

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