Saturday, January 2, 2010

1/3/10 Sunday Free Week Pick: Quiet Company & The Boxing Lesson at Emo's

I almost hate making this show as my Sunday Free Week pick, but I couldn't help it. Both Quiet Company and The Boxing Lesson are what my friends and I refer to as "blogger bands". Every hack job of a blog in Austin has mentioned both bands periodically last year, but in this case the coverage or mention is well deserved. Both bands, while on the same bill, are completely different. They couldn't be more different actually.

Quiet Company is a young Ben Folds Five style indie band, some even referred to them as a "piano rock band". While they do have a piano and it is prominent in their music, I don't see them as a piano rock band. They are like a indie pop band for adults. They have intelligent lyrics, take their music seriously and an obvious desire to "make it". They've played a lot around town and regionally this year, improving every step of the way. I saw them in spring, summer and fall in 2009. They were their best in the fall, which is no surprise. Their most recent album, Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon, is a good album. I only really loved a couple of songs on it, but I can see why people like it. As with many bands, seeing them live is the way to go. Seeing them for free is the best way to go fro new fans or casual listeners. To give people who are new to Quiet Company an idea of what I just wrote, here's their video for my favorite Quiet Company song,"It's Better To Spend Money Like There's No Tomorrow". I dig the Iggy Pop sounding, "Lush For Life" intro.

Also on the bill for this Free Week show at Emo's is Austin's most blogged about psychedelic indie band, The Boxing Lesson.This band grew on me last year. They were talked about so much on the local blogosphere, largely in part to the arrest of their drummer at the time and because they have one hell of a publicist. Now they don't even have a drummer, their down to just two. If you are just seeing this band for the first time, notice how lead singer Paul Waclawsky looks like an older, bearded Ryan Reynolds. 

I reviewed their album, Wild Streaks and Windy Days, on Double Stereo and was only mildly satisfied with what I heard. Like the Quiet Company album, there were only two songs I liked enough to keep in my iPod. That being said, I enjoyed them a lot more live than on CD. Somehow they managed to open for a lot of headlining touring acts I checked out and I saw them five times. I never left the room during their set except maybe if the bar or bathroom was outside. Something kept my attention, maybe the synthesizer sounds. I do dig synths. Check them out live Sunday and maybe you can tell me what it is. For those not familiar with The Boxing Lesson, check out their video for "Brighter" off of Wild Streaks and Windy Days.

Also on the bill for this great Sunday night Free Week show are Corto Maltese and Many Birthdays. Doors are at 9:00pm. Enjoy the show.

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