Monday, January 4, 2010

1/6/10 Wednesday Free Week Pick: The Strange Attractors, Stereo Is A Lie, New Roman Times and She Sir

I give full credit to my good friend and partner in crime, Ajay Miranda, for this one. Stereo Is A Lie is pretty good band that grows on me the more I hear them. Playing along side New Roman Times, She Sir and The Strange Attractors is a great way to get selected as my Wednesday Free Week pick amongst everything else great going on. This band kind of came out of IV Thieves, whom I saw a few years ago at a Roller Derby match of all places. Glynn Wedgewood fronts this semi-new band at Beauty Bar Wednesday night, so fans of IV Thieves who want some more Wedgewood can get their fix for FREE. Check them out here on this 'Nites video where I first saw Stereo Is A Lie:

New Roman Times and The Strange Attractors are also really good bands worth seeing on their own, much less together for Free.For indie lovers and Austin bloggers, this is your ideal showcase. Even I have to tip my hat to whomever booked this as it is the best overall bill of the night. Oh, and Beauty Bar is a good spot despite the uber hipstery clientele. It's only supposed to be around 56 degrees so don't be afraid to leave the house and take advantage of Free Week. Here's some more quick video goodness for you of New Roman Times from their in-store at Waterloo Records.

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