Saturday, January 23, 2010

Anvil is coming to Emo's!!!

Yes, those '80s lookin' hair metal dudes you've seen on VH1 Classic for the past few months are coming to Emo's on Monday. The forgotten hair metal band that is still respected by so many bands and musicians of that era, Anvil, have been resurrected from the rock and roll grave thanks to their new movie.

I watched Anvil! The Story of Anvil the other day and I cannot help but pull for these dudes. First, I have to say I expected something really cheesy and something that resembled VH1's Behind The Music in a sense that you'd hear about drugs, booze, women, etc. Much to my pleasant surprise, the movie was quite the opposite. Now I am not so naive as to believe they didn't do all that over the years, but the movie didn't focus on all that if they did. Instead it was a story of success, triumph, struggle, failure and the undying belief in one self. For lack of a better word, it was really inspiring. Here's the trailer:

Now I am not going to review the movie, but will say it is a must see for any music fan. I gladly go on records saying that I loved it and will soon own my own copy. If you haven't seen the movie yet, it will be showing Monday night before Anvil takes the stage. Local cock-rock band, Broken Teeth, will open. Doors are at 7:00pm. This truly is a once in a lifetime experience and a rare opportunity to see Anvil live. It is going to be a good time and should be a great people watching experience if nothing else.

Purchase tickets online at TicketWeb here.  More details on the show here on Do512.

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