Monday, January 25, 2010

1/27/10 Wednesday show pick: Anti-Flag & Cancer Bats at Red 7

This Wednesday at Red 7 brings "The Economy Sucks Tour" featuring Trash Talk, Aiden, Cancer Bats and Anti-Flag. That's a pretty good bill and should make for a killer Wednesday night. I'd be lying to you if I said I was absolutely crazy about any of these bands, but they are worth seeing live.

I'm stoked more than anything about Cancer Bats actually, as I saw them briefly one SXSW and have always wanted to catch a full set from them at some point. Aiden is decent and I am not into Trash Talk, but only because I've never gave their music an honest listen.

The show's headliner, Anti-Flag, is a band I've liked for a few years now. Their a Warped Tour band, and anyone that knows me can tell you I don't mind being the old dude at Warped every summer. In fact, this past summer I was at Warped in San Antonio and got to meet Chris 2 of Anti-Flag. I didn't have an interview scheduled or anything, but we did get to chat and we liked a lot of the same punk bands. I missed their set at Warped because I was in the media tent pretty much all day, so I'm glad to get the chance to see them Wednesday.

Here's an old video from Anti-Flag for a song called "This Is The End (For You My Friend)". Most of my non-punk rock loving friends know this song because it was featured on Madden (video game) back in the day. I still like it. Give it a listen.

For more details on this show, visit Do512 HERE.

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