Friday, February 19, 2010

Austin Music CD Volume 9 out now!


The latest version of the Austin Music compilation CD is out now, Austin Music Vol. 9. Produced by Rose Reyes, Director of Music Marketing at the Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau, this version of the compilation covers many facets of the city's talent. With all the local talent and eight versions of the CD already out, it must have been a long and difficult task to select who goes on the album and misses the cut.

Do I like all the songs or artists on the CD? I'd be lying if I said I did. That being said, there is some good stuff. Anything by Ben Kweller is pretty much singer-songwriter gold. Anyone who knows me personally knows how much I like Del Castillo. The biggest disappointment for me on the CD was Electric Touch, or who my friends and I call Fisher Price's version of  "My first indie band".

The real gem on the CD is newcomer, or new to most, is Tje (pronounced like 'tie") Austin. Austin has long had a void for a young R&B star. He has the potential with his Ben Harper-esque guitar stylings while trickling hints of Craig David in here and there. I heard him perform live last night at the Gibson Show Room and was very impressed. Austin's single "Sunshine" is the eighth track on Austin Music Volume 9.

Speaking of, here is the track listing for the CD:

Electric Touch- "Love In Our Hearts"
Eleisha Eagle- "Rocketboy"
Uncle Lucius- "Everybody Got Soul"
The Arcangels- "Living The Dream"
Del Castillo- "Noche Brava"
Ben Kweller- "On Her Own"
Sarah Jarosz- "Song Up in Her Head'
Tje Austin- "Sunshine"
Erin Ivey- "All, In Time"
Black, Red & Black- "If I Know'd Then What I know Now, Boy I Tell You What!"
Willie and the Wheel- "Hesitation Blues"
The Daze- "Blizzard Woman Blues"
Jimmie Vaughn- "Boom Bapa Boom"
Ryan Harkrider- "Nobody Ever Wants To Leave"

Austin Music Volume 9 is available at Waterloo Records and online at

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