Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Friday Night Show Pick: T-Brid and the Breaks with Brownout!

T-Bird and the Breaks

Dear Austin,

It is time to get some soul in your life with a splash of funk. By Friday you will have had a long week.  You will be in need of some good back ground music to compliment your alcoholism. The best thing to do for yourself this Friday night is head to Antone's for T-Bird and the Breaks and Brownout. Trust me, only a lack of a pulse will keep you from enjoying this show. These are two of my favorite Austin groups. I own the Learn About It album from T-Bird on vinyl and it is in regular rotation during my commute around town. Enough said. Take a listen to the new T-Bird single right here on this widget.

<a href="">The Piano Joint by T Bird and the Breaks</a>

For more full details on this show, visit Do512 here:T-Bird & Brownout

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1 comment:

SeanclaesDOTcom said...

That's going to be a good show. I'll be sad to miss it.. prior commitment at another show (I won't mention it here as it would come off as trying to steal the thunder).