Monday, March 8, 2010

Announcement: Austin Vida Showcase at Ruta Maya (April 1st)

I haven't been writing or posting as much due to a few reason. Obviously SXSW planning has been keeping me busy, but also planning life post SXSW. After all, once SXSW is over Austin is still Austin. Live music is everyday and everywhere you look. As the Editor in Chief of Austin Vida, maintaining a strong local Latin Music presence is very important to me to say the least. That is why the bands on the poster you see above and I have put together another great official Austin Vida showcase.

La Guerrilla

For those of you who partied with us in December at our Beauty Bar showcase, the line up is the same with the addition of La Guerrilla. This show is also serving as the CD release show for La Guerrilla, whom I am proud to support. Their fresh and original sound is a great fit for the Austin Music scene. Think Gogol Bordello meets traditional sounds of South America. It's pretty cool. They are a must see live. I never get tired of checking these guys out.

Este Vato

Of course Este Vato and El Tule are worthy of praise and mention. Este Vato, along with La Guerrilla, were the best new bands to hit the Austin scene last year. They too just released a new CD and are making their mark here. They are performing new songs that they didn't perform at our December showcase, so I'm excited to hear the new stuff live. El Tule is opening the show and they always bring a dance crowd, which is what a good Latin band (although they are mostly white) should do.

The headliner, Maneja Beto, is my favorite Latin band in Austin. That's no secret. As much as I love these other guys, and I sincerely do, even they will tell you Maneja Beto are amazing. All of the Austin Vida staff go nuts over Maneja Beto. Everyone who I have introduced Maneja Beto to are now fans. Even my many non-Latino friends dig these guys. It has to do with their indie influences like Joy Division and Radiohead, while mixing that with traditional Latin rhythms. I could go on and on for days about these dudes, but just take my word for it. Maneja Beto is the best band to exemplify what Austin Vida is about. If Austin Vida had a soundtrack, it would be filled with Maneja Beto's songs.

I think the reason they are huge worldwide is not because they lack talent or anything of that nature, but rather they are truly ahead of their time. They don't even know it. I think people 10 or 15 years from now, when Maneja Beto is no more or playing only the occasional reunion shows, the new wave of Latino hipster kids will resurrect their catalog from the archives and act cooler than everyone for knowing about it. New Latino indie bands will site them as influences and maybe even cover some of their songs. So out to Ruta Maya on April 1st and hear the band that my friends and I believe define us as young Austin Latinos.

Maneja Beto video for "Los Cerros"

For those of you on Facebook, feel free to RSVP here: Ruta Maya Showcase

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