Monday, March 8, 2010

Monterrey's Sexy Marvin comes to Austin

This is big. This is like, "BIG-BIG". One of Mexico's biggest indie stars, Sexy Marvin, is coming to play in Austin on March 31st at Stubb's. Sexy Marvin is an indie band from Monterrey, Mexico who made their name after opening shows for Muse, The Killers and Coldplay. They are heavily influenced by Brit-pop and bands like Depeche Mode, Interpol and of course, Morrissey. Mexicans love Moz more than anyone. You'll love them too.

To put this show together, a lot of things had to happen. I should first begin by crediting our newest Austin Vida staff writer, Eugenia Vela, for introducing me to Sexy Marvin. We were discussing the big indie movement happening in Latin America and talking about how more Latin American bands are singing in English. That is how Sexy Marvin came up. Shortly after listening to what was on their MySpace, I was hooked. Give them a listen here and I know you will be too.

After learning that they were going to be in Texas in early April, I immediately called my good friend Andres Junca. Andres is a good friend of mine from when he was playing guitar for Kalua, whom he still works with. For those of you who don't know Andres, he is the man behind Vivo Alternativo. Once we got on this, everything fell into place. We even got with GoHispano to pitch in and the rest is history as they say.

Opening for Sexy Marvin is Austin's own, Vinyl Dharma. Those of you who have been following the Austin indie scene for a while know the name. They were on MTV2 Austin Week back in 2008 and made quite the name for themselves around that time. Theses young Latino, Rio Grande Valley transplants are a good fit to play with Sexy Marvin. Their influences and sound is similar but different enough not to be too "samesy". Vinyl Dharma reminds me of bands like New Order. I'm looking forward to seeing them live again. Check them our here on MTV2.

Rubik from Monterrey is the opening band. We'll have more on Austin Vida about them later as well, so check back for that. Tickets for Sexy Marvin are already on sale through Front Gate tickets. Advance tickets are $8 and it is $10 at the door the night of. This is going to be the best show you will see on a Wednesday night and a rare opportunity to see Sexy Marvin live in Austin. I hope to see you all there.Here are some other links about the show:

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