Thursday, April 1, 2010

Clips from last night at Stubb's: Vinyl Dharma & Sexy Marvin

Vinyl Dharma has got what we industry types refer to as "it". They sounded so tight and together last night. No disrespect to Vinyl Dharma, but I don't remember them sounding so good. I have high expectations for these Rio Grande Valley transplants. Team Dharma!

Our headliner last night was none other than Sexy Marvin from Monterrey, Mexico.They have some Coldplay and Interpol elements to them. I am so glad my crew and I were able to bring them (thanks Vivo Alternativo & GoHispano) because otherwise, I'm not sure anyone else would have. After last night, I plan on getting these guys back in the future and bring Austin more great music from Mexico and Latin America. There are some real gems that Austin needs to hear. I can't share my iPod with everyone after all.

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