Monday, April 26, 2010

New video from The Brute Chorus: "Could This Be Love"

Europe, particularly the U.K., is an indie force not to be messed with. Every time I like a new indie band, which I try not to as indie freakin' everywhere these days, it seems they are European. Is it the cold weather and terrible food that breeds this creativity? Is it the fact that they are more open to different sounds and genres than American audiences? Hard to say...Well I found another good indie-ish type band with from U.K. that has a little rockabilly-garage rock feel. They are called The Brute Chorus.

According to what I found, The Brute Chorus have only been together since 2008. They smash for a new band, and I do consider only being together around two years justifies the label "a new band". They have a recording contract with an East London indie label called Tape. Their new album will be released this summer and I'm all over it. You'll know when I get it.

What has been released, as of today, is their new music video for their first single, "Could This Be Love". The video is like a chase scene in a bad B-movie with an evil wizard or something. Whatever right? It's a good song. Check it out:

The Brute Chorus - Could This Be Love? from XXXVIII on Vimeo.

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