Saturday, October 2, 2010

(10/2) Kina Grannis at Stubb's

Remember her from the Super Bowl commercials during 2007? I didn't until I saw her video on YouTube again for "Message From Your Heart" the other day. She is Kina Grannis and she will be performing at Stubb's tonight. Hear this fellas...

Grannis's poppy, singer-songwriter style is perfect for taking out your non-Red River girlfriends who shop at The Domain and like Hallmark Valentine's Day cards. It is not exactly a dude friendly genre or sound, but take the time out from being a bro or hipster douche and go with her to see something she will actually like.

Ladies hear this...

Your date, boyfriend, husband, etc will sit through this concert with you. Kina is gorgeous and can actually sing, despite the Hallmark card style content of the lyrics. She is what guys refer to as "attainably hot." I know that isn't even a word, but we use it to describe an above average girl next door type who we mistakingly believe would go out with us. Chances are, guys won't like her music but won't mind the show. Take advantage.

So, here is the video for her most recent single "Valentine" and link to ticket info:

Doors are at 9:00pm. This is an all ages show. Ticket and cost info HERE.

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