Thursday, November 18, 2010

(11/20) Saturday Night Concert Pick: Pomegranates at Mohawk

Team Edward?

Looking for something cool to check out this weekend? Let me suggest checking out Cincinnati indie rockers, Pomegranates, at Mohawk. Given that Cincinnati was the city I lived in before moving to here in '95, I have a special place in my heart for their bands, the Reds and of course Skyline Chili. While it is no secret indie isn't my genre of choice, I do find myself liking a small handful of bands from time to time, especially after going through the over abundance of press releases I get on a daily basis. These guys caught my hear some how and I think indie lovers will dig them.

Don't let the cool weather keep you inside this weekend as this will be at Mohawk's indoor stage according to their official website. Playing before Pomegranates will be Oh No Oh My and A Tiger Named Lovesick. Get there by 9:00pm to catch the entire show.

Check out a sample from Pomegranates here:

Pomegranates - "Create Your Own Reality" by Afternoon Records

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