Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sunday Concert Pick: Go, We Must at El Sol Y La Luna

After a wild Saturday night and a Longhorns victory, Sundays are a great day to just chill (recover). The NFL season hasn't started yet so after Church or sleeping in, your Sunday should be relatively free. You could stay home and do laundry, or you could experience life in Austin, Texas the way you should...with live music. My show pick for Sunday is a special benefit concert featuring many talented singer-songwriters, including the talented Gina Chavez at El Sol y La Luna.

Gina Chavez (photo by Richard Bryant Photography)

Gina Chavez is a relatively well known folk rock artist whose influences include Ani Defranco, Patti Griffen and Julieta Venegas. In town she's performed everywhere from Jovita's on South First to the Nutty Brown Cafe. Normally she'd be playing shows to support her album, Hanging Spoons. Tomorrow is a little different.

Sunday night's benefit show is an effort to support a humanitarian like trip to El Salvador. The text from the Do512 post says it best I think:

"You might think it's CRAZY! To Pack up and leave a budding career in Central Texas for cold showers & chicken buses in Central America. To take your best friend & live out of a suitcase in El Salvador, where poverty and volcanoes are too big to miss. And for what? To teach kids and live with nuns for a year? Maybe you're right. It does sound crazy. THEN AGAIN, maybe you kinda wish you could COME WITH US..."

While my focus may be on Gina Chavez, there are many great performers on the bill with her. Latin At Heart and Haydn Vitera are certainly worth mentioning as they are all very talented musicians. It is like my mom used to say, "There's music and then there's music". Sunday night it is about the cause and the music.

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