Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Pick: Pack of Wolves at Trophy's

With so much going on downtown tonight, and so many people to watch, it can be difficult to decide what to do. I'm not into the whole "being seen" scene. If you see me at an "it" event, it is because there is a band or DJ I want to see. Otherwise, I can do without the photo booths and hipsters. I am not speaking ill of that stuff, I'm just saying it isn't my thing.

My thing really is and has always been hard music, whether it be hard rock or hip hop. Even though I don't really consider myself a metal head, I love a lot of metal. I think metal is the perfect genre for a holiday like Halloween, which is supposed to be about scary stuff and horror movies, not hipsters and zombies. The best Halloween show in my humble opinion, is happening at Trophy's tonight with non other than Pack Of Wolves.

The members of Pack Of Wolves are no "Johnny Come Latelys" to the scene. Lead singer and guitar player, Trey Ramirez, was once a member of At All Cost. Alec Padron, bassist, is actually the bassist for Latin indie group, Maneja Beto. Adrian Carillo, drums, also plays with the western-indie band Western Ghost House. Tyson, the other guitar player, used to be in Games In Theory.

Recently Pack Of Wolves opened a show at Mohawk for one of my favorite bands, The Sword, in which they impressed many a metal heads. With a new album in the works, their 2010 should be better than their 2009. They do have a few shows left this year after tonight, but Trophy's is such a cool spot that it is worth taking advantage and avoiding the down town crowd. Many who go out tonight, aren't the people who typically go downtown for shows anyway. They are there to see the freak show and check out the chicks in slutty costumes. Go to Trophy's and enjoy some good metal if that's your thing.

Here's the music video for "Concession" of their album Betrayer:

Playing tonight at Trophy's with Pack of Wolves will be Curse The Heavens, Newlywed and Baron God. Trophy's is located at 2008 South Congress Ave. Doors at 9:00pm and show starts at 9:30pm. $5 gets you in. For more on Pack Of Wolves, check out my interview the band I did for Austin Vida here:

Pack of Wolves Interview

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