Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jay Reatard Says "No Pee Got On The Dude"

Jay Reatard

I actually have been wanting to see Jay Reatard live. I dig his music, but he's not getting a lot of love after a recent YouTube Video that's surfaced of his Goner Fest performance. I know musicians drink before and while performing on stage, but usually they hold their need to pee until after the set is done. Well apparently Jay Reatard couldn't hold it and didn't want to interrupt his show to excuse himself. To top it all off, he goes full fledged rock star and pees with his hands waiving in the air in front of the audience. It's like a scene from a bad movie. I guess I'll play it safe and just enjoy the records or stay in the back of the venue when I go see him live. Check it out in case you haven't seen it yet.

After watching the video, I saw this on his Twitter: "Fyi .. No pee got on the dude I was pissing on the ground .. Also that is not my solo band its the reatards .. Get your bands straight ."

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