Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday Night Show Pick: Pitbull and Kat DeLuna at The Austin Music Hall


Tonight at The Austin Music Hall, the world's hottest hip hop act takes the stage. Mr. 305, Armando Pérez aka Pitbull is coming through Austin in support of his new album, Rebelution. As a long time of fan of Pitbull, I look forward to hearing his radio hits, but moreso for me his street stuff that never makes it the radio. Tracks like "Dammit Man" and "Everybody Get Up" get you through a weight workout. I doubt he'll perform them because those aren't songs fans will be able to sing along to, but you never know.

When he first came on the scene with his major breakthrough album, Money Is Still A Major Issue, I couldn't have been more proud of the fact that he was Latino. He has proven that a talented Latino rapper can be a commercial hip hop star that gets love from the blacks, whites, Latinos, all hip hop fans. He didn't fall into the trap that is the label "Latin Rapper". Everyone loves Pitbull and with good reason. He makes hot club tracks that turn nice girls into naughty girls dancing in cages. Your abuelita dances to Pitbull.

Something else I love about Pitbull that no one really points out or notices are all the freestyle and DJ Laz samples he uses. He did the Spring Love remake with the original artist, Stevie B. He gets down with Reggaeton stars, like Rakim y Ken Y, on songs like "Tell Me". He can probably pull a Nelly and cross over into country if he wanted to. Pitbull is the real deal. No one has the diverse portfolio or resume Pitbull has in any genre of urban music. People tend overlook that because of his radio success. Lately he has stuck to party songs,but no one does them better. Check out the music video for "I Know You Want Me" off his new album, Rebelution.

Also performing tonight is MTV3 and Mun2 darling, Kat DeLuna.She is no slouch as an opener by any means. Her breakthrough hit, "Whine Up" still gets spins in the clubs and radio play on occasion. She'll be performing new songs tonight off her upcoming new album. DeLuna fans won't want to miss that.

Arrive by 7:00 to ensure a good spot for the show. The Austin Music Hall is located 208 Nueces. Look for a parking garage and parking lot by some condos. You'll have to pay to park, but that's like anywhere else and those spots make your life easier after the show ends.

If you still need your tickets., click here to purchase.

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