Friday, October 9, 2009

Friay Night Show Pick: Dear and the Headlights at Emo's

Dear and the Headlights

Tonight at Emo's (inside) marks the return of one my favorite bands I discovered this year, Dear and the Headlights. Coming off this summer's Warped Tour, believe it or not, the guys are touring to support their album Drunk Like Bible Times. These guys are constantly touring and are certainly in love with Austin. They've been here at least twice that I know of this year already. I also caught them at Warped Tour this summer in San Antonio. They were the lone indie(ish) band there but still had a great reception amongst the punk kids.

Dear and the Headlights are indie rockers with a hint garage rock and pop. Some of their songs sound very '60s, some sound very Pitchforky. That's referring to the online indie site, not a comment on musical pitch. My favorite song that I'd suggest to you is "Talk About" off of Drunk Like Bible Times. It's also cool that the lead singer is named "Ian". Okay, maybe that's not that cool but I like that name for some reason.

I'd usually go into more detail on my blog here, but I already have a recent interview with the guys I did before Warped Tour. If you like what you hear on this YouTube clip, check out the links below to learn more.

Get to Emo's tonight at 8:00pm to catch Kinch and Rajiv Patel, both Arizona based artists. Tickets are $10 and the show is all ages. My guess is that this is your last chance this year to catch Dear and the Headlights in Austin. Take advantage. Trust me. You'll dig 'em.

For more on Dear the Headlights, visit the following links:

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