Monday, December 7, 2009

12/8 Tuesday Show Pick: The Faceless presented by No Control Radio

Tuesday is the new Friday. Every Tuesday for I don't know how long now, there have been more and more choices as as far as quality live music. Most cities would kill for half of these choices on a Saturday, much less a Tuesday. God bless Austin, Texas.

On Tuesday I foresee most of the 101X radio listeners at The Austin Music hall to see 311, as they are still somehow in heavy rotation for some reason. I liked them in high the '90s. The '90s had better bands than 311, but that's a rant for another day. They're still a fun live show and I loved their first two albums.

For those of us darker or heavier 101X listeners, we'll be at Emo's for the No Control presents show featuring The Faceless, Dyeing Fetus, Beneath The Massacre, Suffokate and Enfold. That's two too many bands, but headliner The Faceless is what makes this show my Tuesday show pick.

The Faceless got on my radar because they toured with one of my favorite metal bands, The Black Dahlia Murder. They are classified as Death Metal or Progressive, I guess depending on who you ask. Their style is fast, death like screams that fluctuate in pitch and machine gun like drums. If you don't have an ear for metal, and yes there is such a thing,  you might have trouble getting into it. The progressive label comes from their build ups and breaks that lead to an all out rip your face off explosion of metal goodness. The death part is usually in the lyrical content.

The Faceless (photo by Erik Kirk)

I hadn't heard much from them since that first tour with Black Dahlia really, except a couple of things in the metal mags here and there.They did put out Planetary Duality in 2008. That makes me wonder if they are still touring to support that or if they are playing new material yet to be released. That's a good reason to check them out I guess, to find out. They are going on tour with Black Dahlia Murder in Europe starting in 2010, so catch them now if you're on the fence about going. Most metal bands are best heard live, so get out the house, off the computer, off the "facey spaces" and go hear something angry. It's good for you.

Here's a cool clip I found on The YouTube where this guy posted the audio file for their song "All Dark Graves" but did it karaoke style with the lyrics. From what I can understand, the dude got them dead on. Give a listen to The Faceless:

Tuesday's show at Emo's is an early one. Get there at 7:30 as there are five bands playing. Emo's is located at 603 Red River. Tickets at the door are $18, but save a few and purchase advance tickets. Visit the following link to purchase tickets:


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