Tuesday, December 8, 2009

12/9 Wednesday Show Pick: In Situ Sound at Red 7

In Situ Sound

This Wednesday I am heading over to one of my favorite Austin venues, Red 7. While Red 7 is mostly known for hardcore punk and metal acts, they also go a good job with booking the occasional Latin and indie bands. Wednesday night. I'm going to personally going to check out a semi-new band to the scene, In Situ Sound.

I got wind of these guys from my good friend and Austin Vida staff photographer, Chantel Clopine. According to Chantel, three of the members are from Weslaco, Texas. For those of you outside of Texas, that's in South Texas or the Rio Grande Valley area. Natives refer to it as "The Valley" or "El Valle". The Valley seems to be producing some good indie these days, with bands like Dignan leading the way.

Their sound is ambient/experimental indie and they just released a new EP. Again, they seem new but I"ll find out and share more info at a later date. From what I heard on the band's MySpace, they have a good sound. It'll be interesting to see what they sound like live. I thought about going to see jay Retard, but after posting that video where he peed on the audience I'm kind of turned off to him. I'll just play his mp3s and stick with that. For anyone who is willing to hear something new and local, see you at Red 7.Doors are at 9:00pm and the address is 611 E. 7th.

Check out In Situ Sound on Myspace here:

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