Tuesday, March 16, 2010

(3/17) Red River Noise Day Party at The Parlor North Loop

Tomorrow when all the big music fest stuff starts, make sure to get up The Parlor North Loop for the best day party of your life! Some of my most talented writer and photographer friends are starting a new blog called "Red River Noise" and we're kicking it off with some a bang. Like a mixtape that never slows down, this line up is high energy. Form local heavy weights like Zlam Dunk and Bright Light Social Hour, to San Antonio sensation Hydra Melody and crazy touring acts, there is something for everyone cool.

Everything gets started at 3:00pm sharp with Hydra Melody, one of my personal favorite new bands. I booked them for our Austin Vida indie showcase last month and they totally impressed me. These guys are going to get signed. They have it. The lead singer has this Cursive-esque sound to him while the rest of the band takes progressive influences from Mars Volta. They may just be San Antonio's best kept secret now that Pinata Protest has made their name in Austin and beyond. Take a look and listen to this video for "You're What I Do On The Weekends".

HydraMelody_Your What I Do On The Weekends_Tour Video from R.J. Gutierrez on Vimeo.

 Of course anytime you throw a bad ass show in Austin, you have to have Zlam Dunk. I make no qualms about it, they are my favorite San Marcos band. Guitarist Brett Thorne is also a Red River Noise contributor. He is fantastic writer in need of a strong team to make him a rock star writer in addition to being a rock star musician. If only "Top Gun" was a ring tone....check them out here. They go on at 5:00pm.

Zlam Dunk Tour 09 Edit from Daniel Garcia on Vimeo.

I could go on and on about Zlam Dunk, but let me remind you that we also have Bright Light Social Hour! Winners of the 2009 ACL Sound and the Jury competition, the guys from Bright Light Social Hour also win the Ian's Music Blog award for sweetest mustache! Okay, if there was such an award...check them out at 6:00pm.

The other two bands, Dr Manhattan and Aficionado came highly recommended by Zlam Dunk. When Zlam Dunk recommends someone, you listen. I am very stoked to check them out. You should be too. I'm going to have a few extra posters you see posted above to give away to anyone that wants them. I only like have 14 or 15, but they are there to whoever wants one. See you Wednesday!

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