Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mini-cam Fun: Authority Zero, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Left Alone and Thieves

This past Sunday night was crazy on Red River. There was this big Adult Swim party-carnival-concert thing happening. When I arrived downtown it felt like a Saturday night. I wasn't there for any of that though. That's stuff isn't for me. I was there to see a punk rock show, a damn good one at Emo's indoor. Playing were Thieves (local opener), Left Alone, Voodoo Glow Skulls and Authority Zero. I captured some cool clips from my mini-cam. Here are some clips in order the bands appeared. Check them out.

Thieves (Austin, Texas)

I had never heard of or seen these young dudes. I'm glad to see a young band like this come out of Austin. I hate the thought of punk, pop-punk, etc fizzle away locally. We're so damn indie in this town at times it gets too samesy. I like some indie, but I do wish for more variety in the local Red River scene. Thieves brings that variety. They have singer who sounds like Yellow Card-ish and a drummer who drums like he is in a screamo band. It wasn't that bad. Jeremy from Authority Zero stood next to me while they were playing and he said "they don't suck" and "that's not bad". Score one for Thieves.

Left Alone

Left Alone is on Hellcat Records, a label who is home to many punk favorites of mine. Most notably, The Aggrolites, Civet, Tiger Army and Rancid to name a few. I had never seen Left Alone live either, so it was a nice surprise when they didn't suck. In fact, I liked them. What I enjoyed about their live show was their bass player. He just went off on his stand up bass and rocked it like no one's business. The video above shows it.

Voodoo Glow Skulls

Do I really need to say anything about The Voodoo Glow Skulls? They're legends. I've seen them live once when I was in high school waaaayyyyy back when it seems, in the '90s. I never get tired of them. Aspiring punk and ska bands, take a look and listen. In the clip above, it is funny because lead singer Frank Casillas makes fun of the Adult Swim stuff that went on before this concert outside of Emo's on Red River.

Authority Zero

Headliner Authority Zero is no stranger to my blog here. The last time I saw these dudes was at Emos' outdoor with Pennywise and Strung Out in 2008. Even though this was in Emo's indoor, the experience was just as big for me. I've liked Authority Zero for a long time. This tour was the pre-release tour for their upcoming album, Stories of Survival. Also a fun fact for you Authority Zero fans, original bassist Jeremy Wood is back in the band. Also, lead singer Jason Devore is still one of the best front men in the business. I wish I had my mini-cam rolling, but he jumped from the stage to the small pillar that people put drinks on at Emo's and neither Devore or the table connected tot he pillar broke. Tha'ts what's up.

If you want to check out more videos from this concert, visit my YouTube Channel HERE.

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