Monday, April 19, 2010

Mini-cam Fun: Ollin and Bombasta in San Antonio

So this past weekend was my birthday weekend. As usual, I spent part of it in San Antonio and part of it here in Austin. I have friends and family in San Antonio I like to hang with. It is my second home. I admit that is has been too long since I last went down there for a show. Shame on me, as I know better than anyone that San Antonio has some serious musical talent.

I've written or blogged about Pinata Protest and Girl In A Coma, but that is just the tip of the ice berg in terms of San Antonio based bands I like. On Friday night I checked out another one of my favorite San Antonio bands, Bombasta, at The Limelight. They brought their from friends from Ollin (pronounced like O-leen) from East L.A. to play this show and some other Fiesta Week gigs.

 When I walked into Limelight, I felt like I was in a Robert Rodriguez movie. I knew I wasn't in Austin anymore. It felt like there was this amazing Chicano renaissance happening there. There was cool art on the walls, dudes in Zoot suits and pork pie hats to go with their guayaberas and '50s looking pin up girls. Oh, and Ollin was playing. Check them out:

Speaking of pork pie hats and guayaberas, headliner and San Antonio's own Bombasta tore it up as always. I haven't seen these guys live for a while, but I am always glad when I do. Their barrio big band sound always brings the party while getting conscious with your ass. You'll see them at Pachanga Fest next month if you go. Check them out here at Limelight.

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Jamz27 said...

Sounds epic!!! Check this one out too...