Monday, August 2, 2010

Austin Ticket Give Away: Rasputina and Larkin Grimm at The Parish

Rasputina is a popular (amongst certain sects anyway) cello driven trio have been around since the early nineties. I remember them getting early buzz from two things specifically 1) Lead singer and founder Melora Creagor played cello with Nirvana and 2) Marilyn Manson once mentioned in an interview that Rasputina was one of his favorite bands. I wish I could remember the magazine but it has been so long at this point that I'm surprised I even remember that. They truly are unique, regardless of who said what or how you are familiar with them. They always seem to come through Austin when tour, the last time having performed at The Parish. With the incredible sound and lighting at The Parish, it is the perfect venue for Rasputina.

Rasputina return to The Parish this Friday, August 6th. Their touring mate this time around is singer-songwriter, Larkin Grimm. It is on this tour that you will see a male cellist for the first time in Rasputina, Daniel DeJesus. If you like Rasputina and want to check out the show for free, we are giving away tickets at Red River Noise. Visit the following link for more details:

Win Rasputina Tickets!

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