Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This record is going to be EPIC!

This will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine. It will be on vinyl and it will be mine...

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The Pretty Reckless at Warped Tour in San Antonio

The more people I tell about me going to Warped Tour again, the more I get asked who I am going to see that I haven't seen before or I get asked who is worth seeing. While I am not going to leak who I'm interviewing or writing about specifically, I can say I am deathly curious about Gossip Girl actress, Taylor Momsen, and her new band. They are called The Pretty Reckless and don't fit the typical Alt Press-Warped Tour stereotype. I can see why her label wanted them to do Warped being that the majority of the attendees are younger and probably watch Gossip Girl. Their EP is also sold in Hot Topic, another big plus for playing Warped. Still, putting aside the whole actress gone rocker tie, I am objective when listening to all music regardless of who makes it. I can say that honestly expected WAAAYYY worse. In fact, it is not that bad. It will be interesting to see the over all response and what the blogosphere says post Warped. Check them out for yourself in this video for their single "Make Me Wanna Die":

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Looking forward to new Brandon Boyd solo stuff

Incubus frontman, Brandon Boyd, will be releasing a new solo record titled "The Wild Trapeze" in July. I guess this will have to do, but I'd much prefer a new Incubus record. I like the song posted in the video above though, so it will be interesting to hear to entire album.

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Photos: Record shopping with Los Amigos Invisibles at End of an Ear

One of my favorite things to do other than see live music is buy vinyl records. One of my favorite groups of all time is Los Amigos Invisibles. What do you do when they come to town besides catch their amazing live show? You take them record shopping at an indie record store. While you are at it, you shoot a video interview with Blastro for Austin Vida. Here you see the photos by my good friend and Austin Vida photo editor, Mari Hernandez, from that day at End of an Ear. You can watch this actual video interview with live footage of the concert here:

Austin Vida + Blastro presents: Record Shopping with Los Amigos Invisibles

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Emma Watson in a video is a big deal?

So the chick from Harry Potter gets in a music video with her boyfriend and the blogoshere goes crazy. I don't get it. Emma Watson is in the music video for One Night Only's single "Say You Don't Want It" off their upcoming album coming in August. The kids they love this though, so I figured I'd share it here.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Gaslight Anthem live clip from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

I never really watch Jimmy Fallon because he is so not funny, despite having The Roots as his house band. I do, however, check out the clips from his show from time to time on Hulu.Fallon just one cool point for this live clip from one of my favorite bands of all time, The Gaslight Anthem. They are one of the reasons to look forward to ACL this year.

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Courtney Love at Ames Hotel in Boston

I saw this online today. This clip is of Courtney Love performing an acoustic set at Ames Hotel in Boston for radio station WFNX. Before performing her song "Boys On The Radio", she tells the audience a made up story about her reason for being tardy to the event. She's so silly.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Cool Joy Division cover by Hank & Cupcakes: "She's Lost Control"

 I saw this online the other day and realized that it just came out recently and not too many people have seen it. So, I thought I'd share it with you all. It is by Hank & Cupcakes, a Brooklyn (surprise) based indie-pop duo. Named after themselves it seems, although I'm thinking Cupcakes is a nickname, the duo covered one of my favorite Joy Division songs, "She's Lost Control". While I like their cover, I will always prefer the original. Two things caught my attention in this video. Cupcakes is a super cute indie chick that reads Bukowski in bed (hot!) and she appears to be wearing fur. I don't care how cold it is, I'm not down with wearing fur. Check out the video directed by Casey Randerson here:

Something else cool about the duo is that Cupcakes is the drummer and vocalist. She sings and drums while standing up as I saw in a couple of their other YouTube videos.Check it out in their first official video released back in April for their single "Pleasure Town".

I'm hoping they make it down to Austin some time soon. My guess is probably for next year's Southby, when all of New York and Los Angeles come down. I'd check them out.

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Red River Noise presents: Tornahdo, The Paper Shapes & They Mean Us at Beauty Bar

My crew and I at Red River Noise are big fans of the Red River music scene. We all have our own individual favorites. We disagree on who is good locally and who sucks. One thing we all agree on is that the local scene must be supported either way. I know that not all bands here are "there" yet, but some are and aren't being talked about enough or at all. I know because I am out and about and see first hand for myself. Plus I do have all the "buzz" blogs in my reader and do listen to who is being talked about, eventually that is.

So one way to help promote good Austin based bands on our site which is nationally focused is we have a "Made In Austin" feature we are expanding on currently, so I'll keep you posted for that.  In this case, we are helping local promoters with good shows get the word out. After all, we kicked off our site's (delayed) launch with a bad ass showcase during the week of South by Southwest at The Parlor. We want to continue to do so, and are open minded about genres unlike other indie leaning blogs around town.

Tomorrow we are presenting a cool show at Beauty Bar which features three good bands with a different enough sound to be entertaining but not boring. I say boring because I personally don't like shows where are the bands on the bill sound like the same band. You know what I mean right? Tonight though, this isn't the case. Now I will be the first to admit these bands are the most popular or the big local buzz bands, but all are of top quality in their respected realms and worth checking out.

First there is They Mean Us from McAllen, Texas. They are an instrumental indie band that sound decent on MySpace, but that is honestly all I can tell you as I have never seen them live. I look forward to it though and am very interested in checking them out. I have a thing for instrumental indie and post-rock music for some weird reason. Bands like Mono and even Calm Blue Sea locally are the bees-knees. This is a video for They Mean us I found on their MySpace that kind of gives you an idea of what they sound like, but keep in mind it is a tour blog and not a professional video so please mind that when you hear it.

Untitled from THEYMEANUS on Vimeo.

The locally known favorite on this bill are The Paper Shapes. I've seen them live once, but it was only for a short bit. My friends and Red River Noise peeps Ajay Miranda and Sarah Vasquez talk about them. They basically told me I need to check them out so I'll do that tonight. I just downloaded a free mp3 of their song "Bed Bugs"they were giving away on their website. Check it out:

<a href="">Castles by The Paper Shapes</a>

The other band on the bill is a semi-new band on the scene and one that came highly recommended to me by one of the guys I know in The Sword, my favorite band not named Rage Against The Machine by the way. I'll show you my tattoo one day when it's done. Anyway, so I got word of Tornahdo when I interviewed Bryan Ritchie of The Sword last fall at Fun Fun Fun Fest. That's all I needed to hear. He said "They are totally worthy of some praise" and "they have this little Zach Hill on drums". It's totally different from what else I've seen or heard locally lately. Check out this clip of them performing on the steps of the Capital.

So there you have it. Three bands, all different but good. This show is 21+ and only $5 cover. Come out and have a good time doing something different. Keep checking in with me here on occasion as I keep you up to date with more happenings with both Austin Vida and Red River Noise. Thanks as always for reading. Feel free to RSVP for the event on Facebook since you're other tab is on Facebook anyway:

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Warped Tour cup available at Wahoo Fish Tacos

I saw this on Facebook today and thought it was interesting. This is a limited edition Warped Tour cup available as Wahoo Fish Taco locations in select stores in Colorado, California and Austin. A Warped Tour cup in Austin? Warped Tour hasn't been in Austin since I was high school. I have to go to San Antonio now. I'll be there next week again and will be sure to show you guys some cool bands and maybe even some you've never heard of (yet). Anyway, look for the cup if you dine at Wahoo.

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New Justin Townes Earl album coming in September

Just a quick little bit for you here...

One of my favorite artists, Justin Townes Earle, is releasing a new album on September 14th. Titled Harlem River Blues, it will be available on Bloodshot Records. I hope they make this available in vinyl. His records are like warm , satisfying cup of coffee on a cool night. You''d be hard up to find a better Americana singer-songwriter these days. I can't wait to get my hands on it and see him in concert again in Austin.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New music video from The Henry Clay People: "Your Famous Friends"

The Henry Clay People debuted their new music video for their single "Your Famous Friends" today on freakin' Spinner. In true Spinner fashion, they got the song title wrong by calling it "All Your Famous Friends". I double checked it on their MySpace page and on the album. Way to go Spinner! Once again Spinner, you prove that you have no editing process. Someone even let them know the correct title in the comments section and then minutes later they fixed it. You have to get the song titles right people. That's the basic info.What more can I say? Every good writer is only as good as his or her editor. I don't know why I rant about this though. Spinner is part of a soul less corporate beast that is built for numbers, not quality. Any way, please don't hold it against The Henry Clay People. Check out the video here:

For those of you in Austin, don't forget to check out The Henry Clay People with The Silversun Pickups at Stubb's on July 19th. They are also on the bill for this year's ACL Fest in October.

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New Dead Prez Mixtape: 'Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz'

To celebrate their tenth anniversary, one of my favorite hip hop groups, Dead Prez, is giving away their newest mixtape away for free on their website. Titled Revolutionary Gangsta Grillz, the duo spit fire over some popular Drake beats. I'm enjoying it already and real hip hop fans will too. Check out this cool teaser video I saw on YouTube. "All the bullshit hop hop they sellin' is going to start a rebellion in the real world".

To download your free copy of the mixtape, visit

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Peter Gabriel covers 'In The Neighborhood' by Tom Waits

The legendary Peter Gabriel is featured on a live video put out by The Voice Project in which Gabriel covers one of my favorite Tom Waits songs, "In The Neighborhood". The Voice Project is an organization that raises awareness and support for war torn Central East African regions. They have a whole series of videos I have been following, but this one is the most beautiful cover thus far. After surfing around a little more, I learned that Peter Gabriel's daughter, Ana Gabriel, is one of the founders of The Voice Project. Anyways, be sure to check out their site and enjoy the video. 

Peter Gabriel » Tom Waits from The Voice Project on Vimeo.

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Mind of Adi Residency

This Wednesday marks the last of Adi Anand's residency at Mohawk this year, at least in the current format. Tomorrow also marks the birthday edition of Adi's series, so Happy Birthday to you brother Adi. For Adi's biirthday edition, there will be food provided by Cedar Door, drinks provided by Waialua Soda Works and cup cakes from Peaches Maggee. There will also be an art show by Deep In The Art of Texas.

While that's all cool, you know I'm about the music. Remember this is an early show for working folks and cool kids who just don't want to be out that late but still get the real Red River experience. Doors are at 6:00pm, the show starts at 7:00pm with Shallows AD. I've never seen them before so I'm looking forward to the new experience.Tow The Line go on at 8:00pm, which feature members of the groups Visitors and Recover.

Once again the headliner is none other than The Frontier Brothers. I saw these guys the last time Adi had them at Mohawk, on June 9th, and they were so good live. I loved their sound, their energy and the dapper prep school suits. If you enjoy good indie, then you should check these guys out. Here's their latest music video for their single "You Should Start a Band". I don't know what's up with the furry party, but it's a cool song. The Frontier Brothers take the stage at 9:00pm. 

Mohawk is located at 912 Red River, on the corner of 10th and Red River. For more info, visit Mohawk online at Cover is $7 for 18+ and $5 for 21+. See you there!

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Monday, June 21, 2010

New album from Lissie out on Fat Possum in August

Finally some news on a full length album from my darling Lissie. I've been in absolute love with her voice and music ever since I first heard her. I saw her live during SXSW this year and have been eagerly awaiting for her album, Catching A Tiger, to be released. The album comes out on indie tastemaker label, Fat Possum, and will be released on August 17th. For those of you in Austin, you will want to be sure and catch Lissie at this year's ACL Fest in October. Here is the track listing for Catching A Tiger:

1. Record Collector
2. When I'm Alone
3. In Sleep
4. Bully
5. Little Lovin'
6. Stranger
7. Loosen The Knot
8. Cuckoo
9. Everywhere I Go
10. Worried About
11. Look Away
12. Oh Mississippi

You can pre-order the album on Fat Possum's website here: Fat Possum store

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Music Video: 'Doo Doo' by Kosha Dillz

I get sent the weirdest stuff on a daily basis. Although most days I find it annoying, sometimes weird or odd does catch my attention. Here is another example of that. Rapper Kosha Dillz, whose name I assume is a play on him being Jewish and from New Jersey. I like how "Kosher" is spelled and pronounced like "Kosha". I also like pickles.

Anyway, he sent this video to me and it is the title that caught my attention at first. It's titled "Doo Doo" but has nothing really to do with poo, thank goodness. It is off his current album, Beverly Dillz. Clever. Check out the video, directed by Robbie Barclay:

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Macy Gray FIFA World Cup Video: "Beauty In The World"

R&B-pop singer, Macy Gray, has one of the most talked about music videos on the twitter and blogosphere right now, thanks also in part to the current World Cup Tourney.Fashion TV debuted on YouTube this month the new music video for her song, which is a remake by the way, for "Beauty In The World". The song is not what the buss is all about, as you will see in the video posted below. It is a FIFA World Cup of super hot fashion models "playing soccer". Fun fact for you though, the blonde goalie in the video is actually Hope Solo, goalie for the U.S. women's team. Check it out and get your Bebe on:

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New music video from We Have Band: "OH!"

We Have Band is an indie-electro dance outfit from The U.K. Their new music video for their single "OH!"caught my attention. The song is alright, danceable but nothing world changing. It reminds me of the stuff you hear walking by Barbarella on Red River. Watching the video, I thought it looked like an American Apparel commercial if they actually did that sort of thing. I think a lot of people will like this though, so I decided to share it with you all for shits and giggles. Check it out:

We have band - OH! from naiverecords on Vimeo.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I can't look away Gaga! "Ale-Ale-Alejandro"

 So I finally watched the full length version of Lady Gaga's music video for her new single "Alejandro". My first impression after watching was "I saw this in the early '90s with Madonna". For those of you old enough to remember, think back to the Like A Prayer era. Then thoughts of Zoolander came to mind, with it's over the top ridiculousness. Still, it is going to be the biggest music video in the world for a while until Lady Gaga puts out another music video. How can one top a machine gun pointy bra or get even more gay-tastic? How do you top choreography that incorporates muscled up male models with haircuts like Moe from Three Stooges? I'm sure she will. Over the top seems to be her thing, but yet I can't stop singing "Alejandro" out loud without meaning to. Damn you Gaga and your catchy hooks! Here is the video in case you haven't seen it. 

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'Electric Toys' by The Dig out today

I saw first saw The Dig this past spring with Portugal The Man at The Parish. They are great live. Their new full length album, Electric Toys, is finally out today so check it out and give it some consideration.If you like what you hear on the video posted above, head over to Red River Noise to read my review of Electric Toys and read an interview with The Dig also. Here are the links:

Album Review: Electric Toys

Q&A: The Dig by Sarah Vasquez

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Monday, June 7, 2010

The Frontier Brothers headline Mind of Adi residency twice in June

Adi Anand is doing his thing again on Wednesday at Mohawk, this time with The Frontier Brothers headlining. They will headline again on June 23rd. This is an early show for folks who either don't want to be out all night or work early on Thursday. There's an art show element to the show and a chance to win some Austin Aztex soccer tickets.

Doors open at 6:00pm. Both Seaholm Electric and Invisible Inks are on the bill as openers. I've never seen either or heard either so it will be cool to hear something different Wednesday. I suggest you do the same. If you've never heard The Frontier Brothers, check out their music video for their single "You Should Start A Band". Notice the token indie usage of bears. Yes, the rule of thumb in the indie band world is animals like bears, rabbits and deer are "indie" animals.

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New Kylie Minogue video is an underwear-gasm

I've had dreams that were kind of like this, but there wasn't the smoking hot Kylie Minogue at the top of the underwear pyramid. Maybe now there will be. This video for her new single, "All The Lovers", looks like one sexy Fruit of the Loom commercial. 

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Friday, June 4, 2010

(6/5) Este Vato CD Release show at Mi Casa

Just because "Latin Music Month" is over, that doesn't mean the party stops. It begins again this weekend with Este Vato's CD release show at Mi Casa Cantina on 6th street. It is a very well put together showcase that includes some of San Antonio's best acts, Mexican Step Grandfather and Pinata Protest. It is sure to be packed inside the Mexican Cantina style bar tomorrow night. Also, Este Vato's debut CD is pretty damn good. My only qualm was that it was only seven songs. Make sure to stop by and pick it up. The show is free unless you're 18-20, then it's only five dollars. Check out this clip of Este Vato last year at Red 7 we captured for Austin Vida. Be ready to get your cumbia on!

Be sure and check out my review of Este Vato's debut CD here on Austin Vida:

Album Review: Este Vato (self titled)

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Maluca returns to Austin!

Yes, she's coming back already. After tearing it up all over town during SXSW, Maluca is going to be performing at The ND (formerly the Independent 501 Studios) on June 17th. Her music is this really cool Latin hodgepodge of New York City sounds: house, merengue, salsa, reggaeton, drum n bass and hip hop. She is most famously known for her hit single, "El Tigeraso" which can be seen on MTV3 and Mun2. She's signed to Mad Decent, of which producer Diplo is the label head of. Diplo has done wonders producing for M.I.A. and Santigold. I interviewed Maluca for Red River Noise during SXSW. Check it out here to learn more about one of my favorite new artists:

Q&A Interview: Maluca

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Interview with Hacienda on Austin Vida

Hacienda live at Pachanga Fest (photo by Mari Hernandez)

My boys from Boerne, Texas (right outside of San Antonio) came through Austin to perform at this year's Pachanga Festival on May 22nd. I sat down with them again to talk about their new life, new album and San Antonio. Their new album, Big Red & Barbacoa, is the bees knees. It is actually stamped on red vinyl for those of you who are also vinyl junkies. Check out the interview on Austin Vida here:

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New Sleepy Sun album out today: "Fever"

California based, Sleepy Sun, is band that is outside of my usual realm of taste to be honest. I mean I can do some indie stuff, but tend to like ambient indie or something angsty. This group bring s a little psychedelic flavor to some tracks and a little '60s garage rock sounds. Maybe when I listened to it for the first time today, I just happened to be in the right mood to listen to something like Sleepy Sun. Either way, I'm digging it and thought I'd show you one of their videos. For those in Austin, they are going to be at The Parish on September 18th. I know it's a ways' away, but it is something to look forward to. For now, pick up their new album Fever that came out today.

Here's a video of theirs' I saw on Pitchfork for their song "Open Eyes".

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